Blutengel in Barcelona

I had the most amazing time ever in Barcelona last weekend! I went to the Nocturna Festival to see Blutengel, and getting to spend the day in their company was fantastic, and the concert was great inspite of a few technical difficulties (no fault of Blutengel’s though). I was lucky to be invited in early in the day so I got to see the soundcheck also which was hilarious! Everybody were just so nice and friendly, and I had some nice talks also with the band and the dancers. I hope I will see them again some day. And I spend a lot of time hanging out and chatting with my friend from England, which was also really fun. Hope to see her again in December. I had some nice talks with Chris as well and created a lot of new wonderful memories on this tiny trip to Spain. Maybe I’ll go back some day. I got quite a lot of negative comments on the streets walking from the hotel to the venue so I didn’t have the best experience with the people in that area of Barcelona. But I am happy that I went!



Amphi Festival and Berlin

Time to go back to work after the summer and all the lovely festivals I got to visit again this year. I loved it just as much as last year and especially Amphi was great! Probably because camping was okay, the location was much better than last year and I was lucky enough to get to say hi to Chris Pohl from Blutengel because I was there early and Mark Benecke kind of “introduced” us. But Chris remembered me from Facebook and Out of Line, so that was interesting.. I also went to the Blutengel concert in Chemnitz which was also great. Chris waving at me three times, and the concert was beautiful.
I wrote Chris a thank you note on Facebook afterwards, and 10 days later he actually replied, and told me how to get a hold of him in an easier way. Which I did.. And I have been so lucky that I got to visit him in the studio the other day when I was anyway in Berlin. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Friendly, kind, thoughtful, easy to talk to, keeps eye contact, a real gentleman…almost forgot vampire 😉



Out of Line Weekender

Out of Line Weekender in Berlin was absolutely amazing! It takes place every year in march. Friday to sunday. 18 bands in three days. The weather was cold but the location was great and we lived right next to Darkstore as well so I went there a few times.

Lord of the Lost was amazing like usual, also at Wave Gotik Treffen, where I ran into them at the Out of Line shop. Chris Harms’ new guitar looked incredible!


Anyway! I had the most amazing experience ever at the Out of Line Weekender. I went there to see Blutengel again, and they were finishing off the weekend sunday evening. But saturday, I was just standing around waiting for the other bands to play and guess who turned up! Chris Pohl from Blutengel. He was just there with his friends and band hanging around, drinking and listening to the other bands. I couldn’t help myself but walk over to him. I stood a bit away and just looked at him for a little while but he spotted me pretty quickly and smile and lifted his eyesbrows and made this very inviting look. So I went over to him and said hi, and he asked where I was from and we had a little chat for like 5-10 minutes I think. I still can’t believe it happened! I mean I met Chris before, at M’era Luna last year but only for a few seconds. Here I actually got to talk to him. And I got to thank him for making me feel less lonely. He was very humble and so kind, and attentive and personal. Everybody else I’ve met, who’s been in a band or something, have always been very private and they clearly had a facade on. But Chris was just so relaxed and friendly, paying attention, telling me things himself, and most important of all he kept eye contact the whole time, which most people generally avoid. It really meant the world to me! Oh, and of course the next day at the concert I got a front row spot after waiting for 3 hours out in the cold until the doors opened. And I got the spot right in front of him so we had eye contact and he gave me this beautiful smile and “approving” looked, since he asked me the day before I was coming to the concert, I figured. I also got the water bottle he threw down and the water he spit out also hit me haha!.
Next up is Amphi Festival and the Blutengel Nemesis Open Air concert in Chemnitz, and M’era Luna ❤


Quitting my job is the best thing I’ve ever done!

Yes, I quit my job. After the great summer holiday I had, I learned that there was times and places where I actually felt happy and comfortable. And my job wasn’t one of them. So I quit. And now my plan is to focus all my time and energy on becoming self employed. Sometimes you have to close one door before another one can open. When I’m “secure” in a job I don’t see or create the possibilities I need to become self employed so I think this was the best decision I ever made. I feels right.
I can start living my life the way I want to. Going to bed at 3am and waking up and working from 1pm to 7pm. It’s amazing being able to be a bit more social and invite friends or loved ones over for a movie night on a thursday evening because I don’t have to get up early the next morning.
Next step is getting a few more customers and starting writing or doing online courses.


So I went to M’era Luna not so long ago… I’m still high from meeting Chris Pohl from Blutengel ❤ I am listening to Blutengel ALL THE TIME. I think my boyfriend will get a bit tired of me really soon. But listening to Blutengel helps me through the day and they help me keep up my motivation  to become self employed with psychology, acupuncture and maybe a small side business doing gothic home decor and things like that.

Here’s one of the songs that give me motivation to keep on fighting!

Don’t you think that it’s time
to change the way you live?
Don’t you think that it’s time
to give up the fight?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong
to behave like you do?
Don’t you think that it’s wrong
to waste your life like that?

Listen to the words we pray
Remember what you have done
Don’t you think that you will lose?

Listen to the words we pray
Remember what you want
we can give you redemption

But you have to confess
that you were wrong

You can fight, you can kill
But you can’t win the war
You won’t survive in the end
cause life is a whore

You better pray and bow down
before the one that you serve
You can’t control all those things
that you think you deserve

We can show you the way
out of the dark

Just confide in yourself
and open your mind